For the safety of our residents and their guests, rules are in place to ensure orderly use and enjoyment of Emerald Lake. Initial lake use rules were established by Plainsmen Development, Inc. in the restricted covenants under Article X, Section 25, and continue to be in effect.  Addition lake use rules were subsequently adopted by the Lake Committee in accordance with Article X, Section 25, Paragraph B.  A complete copy of all current Lake Use Rules is available for download for your records here:


Of course we all want our family and friends to come and enjoy Emerald Lake with us.  However, when inviting others to use our lake please remember that, much like a neighborhood pool, guest use limits are needed to safeguard the interests of our community. Unaccompanied guests are more likely to violate our lake use rules, unwittingly encroach on private property, and/or be mistaken for trespasser by other residents.  For these reasons the Lake Committee has a long-standing policy of requiring guests to be with a resident while using the lake and its amenities (i.e. lakeside parks and fishing piers).

The following is a summarized version of the recreational lake use rules by subject:


»Two community fishing piers and bankside fishing are available to all Foxchase residents.  Fishing by boat is restricted to Lake Committee members and accompanied guests only.

»No trespassing on private property is allowed, including undeveloped lots.

»Catch limits are governed by state regulations unless reduced by the Lake Committee.

»Fishing gear is limited to 1 pole/apparatus per person occupied at all times.  For safety reasons, no unattended poles, nets, traps, trout lines, are permitted.

»Fishing activities must yield to water skiers between 10:00 AM and 1 hour before official sunset in the designated areas.

»Fishing activities must yield to swimmers.


»Use of watercraft of any kind on Emerald Lake is restricted to Lake Committee members and their accompanied guests only.

»A membership decal must be displayed on the port side of all boats (including paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.) entering the lake.  Additionally, a decal must be displayed on all boat trailers using the boat launch.  Any boat or trailer without proper identification decals may be reported for trespassing.

»Boats may only be launched from an individual's private property or the boat ramp located at the south end of Pebbleshore Drive.  Launching boats from undeveloped lots and other non-designated areas is prohibited.

»No outboard or I/O motors are to be operated on the lake except under emergency situations.  Only electric trolling motors may be operated if using an outboard or I/O equipped boat.

»Non-powered boats (canoes, kayaks, etc.) must yield to fishing and water skiing activities beyond 50 feet of the shoreline.


»Water skiing is allowed between 9:00 AM and official sunset.

»Water skiing can only be done behind an AWSA approved competition ski boat.

» Boat drivers must be approved by the External link opens in new tab or windowRecreational Committee, be competent in piloting a competition boat and understand the safety requirement involved. A driver may lose privileges at any time if an unsafe act is committed.

»Skiers must yield to fishing boats during the first and last hours of the allowable ski period.

»Only 1 ski boat pulling skiers is allowed at a time unless 2 boats agree to dual operation and stay on opposite sloughs.  With dual operation, 1 boat waits at south end of lake with skier ready and the boat in operation is limited to six passes down the lake.


»Swimming and related activities are allowed between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM yielding to water skiing and fishing when beyond 20 feet from shoreline.

»All underwater activities (snorkeling, diving) must be supervised by an adult with a diver's flag marking the location of the activity.  Scuba diving must be performed by or accompanied by a certified scuba diver.


»New regulations, modifications, fees, a moratorium, etc. are currently under review by Plainsmen Development, Inc. and the DRB.


Any other use of the lake is conditioned upon the approval of the Recreational Committee and, where appropriate, the DRB.