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The following items are reminders of some of the covenant requirements and architectural construction standards. Please adhere to all regulations to promote a safe and attractive neighborhood.

  • Please remember there is no overnight on-street parking.

  • Garbage cans should be removed from the street no later than the evening after pick-up. Usual garbage pick-up is on Tuesday and on Wednesday following a Monday holiday. Please wait until the day before pick-up to put non-organic trash at the roadside to keep our neighborhood looking clean.  NOTE:  All garbage containers shall be kept to the rear of the dwelling and/or behind a structure or screen such as not to be visible to the street, except for days designated as garbage pick-up days.

  • Bag all grass clippings as required by the City of Opelika.
  • Cars are to be typically parked in garages and only in the case of more vehicles than garages parked in the driveway.

  • Vehicles parked outside of a garage are not permitted to be parked off of the driveway. Do not park on your grass/yard.

  • All construction activities, including lot clearing, are required to conform to best management practices for erosion and sediment control.

  • All bare ground should be covered by pine straw, bark, or similar material.

  • Please keep vegetation pruned to avoid overhanging the street or obstructing line of site in curves.

  • Boat trailers, utility trailers, and RVs are not allowed to be parked for an extended period of time on any lot.

  • All construction or exterior modification must be submitted to the DRB for approval using the appropriate form provided under Building Guidelines and Forms. This includes changes in paint or roof color, landscape modifications, installation of fences, and construction of decks, porches, pools or docks.

  • No live tree having a diameter of 6" or more (measured from a point 48" above ground level) can be removed without the expressed written consent of the DRB.

  • All elements of the Foxchase Covenants and Building Guidelines will be strictly enforced. Penalties will apply for noncompliance!

  • All vacant lots should have the first 15 feet of the frontage maintained to keep the grass cut below 6". This is required for safety as well as aesthetics.

  • The use of lake water irrigation systems during drought periods is prohibited.

  • Please keep your dogs "contained".  No dog within the city will be allowed to roam free (without restraints), off of the owner's property.